Les Bains de Kabira : Bien être, Spa, Hammam et Massage à Marrakech
Les Bains de Kabira
Les Bains de Kabira
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Because we are concerned by your well-being and your health, we offer you our service, our professionalism and our warm welcome, to give you the best care.

Khalid Naciri is, in the world, one of the rare bosses shiatsu stemming from the education of the school Namikoshi.

He was chosen, in 1983, by the Namikoshi's grandson, who were in Morocco. At the age of 16, he went to Japan to integrate the school among 350 other adults.

In his 23 years old, after seven long and difficult rigorous years and an academic practice, he received the boss's title of Shiatsu. Only 14 other persons had the same privilege.

Since then, Khalid Naciri practiced by travelling worldwide: Spain, Italy, Dubai, France, Egypt, Tunisia... He continues to form himself in various domains, and is a holder of 22 diplomas today.

In 1998, he established himself, in Morocco. He opened in the Marrakesh Medina, The Kabira's baths, a riad with oriental charm, dedicated to the energy and aesthetic body and face care. A learned alchemy which makes this place, a privileged space of relaxation, well-being and stake in beauty.

He knew how to mix the traditions and the ancestral eastern cultures to offer you a complete and effective range of care dedicated in well-being and health by restoring the harmony body / spirit.

The originality of its approach lies in its holistic conception of the person, in the consciousness of the narrow link, existing between the psychological lived and the physical state.

More than comfort care, you will find, in The Kabira's baths, a real therapeutic stemming from millenniums practices and adapted to your personal needs.

He trained himself his team composed by 9 professionals body and aesthetics' care.

Signé Khalid Naciri
Shiatsu master
Les Bains de Kabira, Arset Loghzail Derb Warda n°3
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