Les Bains de Kabira : Bien être, Spa, Hammam et Massage à Marrakech
Les Bains de Kabira
Les Bains de Kabira
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The ritual of the hammam is organized :

  • With a heat bath with a scrub soap with eucalyptus and a pancake glove Kessal and a body mask ghassoul,
  • And a massage relaxing and toning effects.

In Morocco and the Middle East, the land offers natural beauty such as argan, olive, jasmine, rose, henna, ghassoul. You will find all these beauty secrets to the East Baths at Kabira during the ritual of the hammam.

- The soap with eucalyptus is a traditional product of oriental beauty.
Origin : This is a paste of vegetable origin (Maghreb black olives) that mixed with water becomes liquid.
Objective : To prepare the skin for exfoliation 100% natural.
In practice : the body and face are smeared with the paste in a gentle massage for better penetration. After a few minutes break, the soap is rinsed with hot water.
Then, we practice a scrub energy using a glove with a pancake Kessal.

Effects : you will find a smooth skin free of dead cells. The eucalyptus black soap has soothing and decongestant properties that enhance the well-being and relaxation

- The ghassoul is another beauty secret Oriental.
Origin : It is a natural mineral clay extracted from the edge of the Middle Atlas in Morocco.
Mixed with hot water, we obtain a smooth paste that contains no astringent. It cleans using a physical process.

In practice :this preparation sip of principle benefactors is applied to the body and face but also the hair using gentle circular motions. After a few minutes break, the whole is rinsed.
Effects : the pores of your skin are tightened, your skin is more supple and smooth, your hair is silky.

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